Get Your Lifting Equipment Collection All Under One Roof

The process of production is an important determinant when it comes to accomplishing the desired business output at the end of the day. For targets to be met and even surpassed, the process should flow as smoothly as possible. Besides the equipment that transforms the raw material into the final product, you need one that will facilitate transportation within the company. For instance, you need overhead cranes that will ensure your liftings are easier.

There are many different lifting equipment depending on what you need them for. Cranes for instance come in two main categories: single and double girded. Other lifting equipment include vacuum lifters, hoists and forklifts.

  1. Cranes

The first type of cranes is the Jib Crane that is also known as Slewing Crane or Davit Cranes. This in most cases can be used to support other equipment such as air tools, balancers and chain hoists. With a carrying capacity ranging between 35 to 5000 kilograms you have yourself efficiency and affordability in one package.

The overhead Cranes also known as gantry cranes or Bridge Cranes have a carrying capacity of between 1 to 20 tonnes. This makes them an ideal and indispensible tool for lifting very heavy materials. These come in two designs: double and single girders. One of their characteristics that stand out is the fact that they are easy to use, but reliable on the job.

Built with a standardised mechanism that allow for a range of these cranes to be produced, you have a variety to choose from. A combination of these tools with others such as hoists and carriages simply means you get your job done completely.

  1. Vacuum Lifters

These are ideal for lifting many different products such as iron sheets, glass, timber among others. If you are looking for efficiency, effectiveness and ergonomics then these should fit the description. Their main advantage is they streamline the process of production and shorten the time of production. This in turn leaves your staff motivated to work. Examples include Jumbo vacuum tubes and vacuMaster lifters. (For more information about Overhead Crane, visit:

VacuMaster lifters are among the best glass handling equipment Australia has. What makes them ideal for such is the fact that they first hold onto the products to be moved, then with the help of a crane the movement is finalised. They can withstand up to 2000 kilograms. In case the power goes out or the level of vacuum needs to reduce significantly, the audio warning signal is triggered so that you do not put lives in danger. Their robustness and reliability makes them stand out among peers as a must-have in your factory.

Whether it is overhead cranes or sack vacuum lifters Australia has that you are looking for, there are qualities you must never forget. Efficiency, effectiveness and ergonomics must be included. Robustness is an added advantage. To be sure you get these equipment at their best, the only place you need to check is Millsom Materials Handling. With over 40 years of experience, you know you can never go wrong.