Homemade Natural Soap

August 5, 2014

Homemade Natural Soap are made via a chemical reaction between oils, water, fats and holds the record for being the oldest cleaning tool in history. Though handmade soaps contain lye, fret not as the lye will no longer exist in the soap after the chemical process to make the soap is complete. Unlike the soaps you find in hypermarkets, they are actually detergents as they use harsh chemicals and lathering agents to make it feel like soap. Therefore, if you realize, they are not labeled as soap but as beauty bars or moisturizing bars.

Among the benefits of homemade natural soaps are that they use natural, organic ingredients. Read the label on the soaps and you may find that these high quality bars of soap may contain different essential oils and natural ingredients that may be beneficial to your health. To top it off, you even have the choice of looking for natural soaps that contain the fragrance you want without having to worry as it is chemical free. For example, if you were looking to feel a bit more relaxed after a hard day at work, you would use a soap bar with lavender and you’ll feel a whole lot more relaxed than if you were to use commercial soaps.

On top of that, homemade natural soaps offer immense benefits to your skin especially with all the commercial soap products out there. Unlike commercial bars that contain harsh chemicals, natural soap will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and supple instead of the usual dry and soppy feeling you get when you use commercial soap. The reason why natural soaps leaves your skin feeling soft and supple is because they do not have the glycerin in them removed, unlike commercial soaps. Though homemade natural soaps are a tad bit more expensive than your conventional soaps, have faith. They will do your body, wallet and the environment good in the long haul and you’ll be glad you chose the road less travelled.

Homemade natural soaps are more expensive because they are made with love and passion on top of high quality, natural, organic ingredients. Most natural soaps are made using the cold press method which probably takes the most time amongst other methods but allows the ingredients in the soap to interact with each other. This allows the naturally occurring fragrances and benefits in the ingredients to be preserved as they are not destroyed by heat, passing on as much benefits as possible to the user.
Your skin covers about twenty square feet of your body. It deserves to be pampered like how you pamper your stomach after a hard day of work, or how you treat your back to a massage after standing for a long time. Investing a little bit in high quality soap will give your skin better health, leave you feeling fresh, revitalized and at the same time, saving the planet from all the chemical runoffs that come from making commercial soap. So the next time you want to pick a soap, choose homemade natural soaps.


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